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congratulations, disaster endears beyond fortune

turn and face the strange*

14 August 1984
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25. script writer wannabe.movie geek.bookworm. music junkie. Loves: irony, sarcasm, joking around,walking, travelling, anything creative, rain. *Note: the journal is FRIENDS ONLY so please comment if you want to be added ♥

Blurb and life are a work in progress.
the hours; mrs.dalloway; wicked; breakfast at tiffany's; the mists of avalon; the mayfair witches, harry potter; pride and prejudice; rebecca; sense and sensibility; the virgin blue; girl, interrupted; the magic circle;jane austen; virginia woolf; emily dickinson; walt whitman; truman capote; j.k. rowling; marion zimmer bradley; faulkner; gabriel garcia márquez; william blake; charlotte smith; nick hornby||
alanis morissette; aimee mann; beatles; rolling stones; the submarines; a fine frenzy; jenny lewis& the watson twins; she&him; the decembrists; jem; alison krauss&robert plant; pink floyd; anja garbarek; david bowie [...]
HOUSE M.D. (hardcore House/Cuddy shipper just so you know); the office; Glee, heroes; private practice; pushing daisies; friends; gilmore girls; the nanny; absolutely fabulous; harry potter; himym; true blood; ugly betty; x-files; 30 Rock; grey's anatomy (S1-3); wonderfalls; dexter; btvS; big love||
the hours; you can count on me; blade runner; the life of david gale; annie hall; Marx Brothers at the Opera; amelie; peter's friends; american beauty; eternal sunshine of a spotless mind; I
heart huckabees; holiday; adam's rib; rebecca; catus flower; love,actually; as good as it gets; something's gotta give; midnight in the garden of good and evil; victor, victoria; sense and sensibility; crimes and mismeanors; edward scissorhands; big lebowski;much ado about nothing; garden state; the rocky horror picture show; magnolia; steel magnolias; 12 monkeys; brazil; the
meaning of life;little miss sunshine; juno;stranger than fiction; the philadelphia story; young frankenstein, back to the future, wizard of oz; adaptation; mamma mia; being john malcovitch; hannah and her sisters; first wives club, nick&norah's infinite playlist; rachel, rachel
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12 monkeys, 30 rock, absolutely fabulous, adaptation, addison montgomery, aimee mann, alan rickman, alanis morissette, angela kinsey, annie hall, batman, batman/catwoman, bill murray, blade runner, bonnie hunt, books, brazil, bridget jones, brit actors, buffy/spike, cary grant, chandler/monica, christina, cinema, clive owen, colin firth, courtney cox-arquette, crossing jordan, dan futterman, david bowie, david duchovny, diane keaton, dracula, dwight/angela, eduardo noriega, edward norton, elizabeth perkins, elphaba, elphaba/fiyero, emma thompson, eternal sunshine, friends, gabriel byrne, gary oldman, george clooney, george harrison, ghostworld, gillian anderson, gilmore girls, girl interrupted, glee, gleeks, grey's anatomy, han/leia, harry potter, helen mirren, helena bonham-carter, hermione/ron, heroes, house md, house/cuddy, house/wilson/cuddy, hugh laurie, idina menzel, ironman, james spader, james wilson, jane austen, jane eyre, jeff bridges, john cusack, john krasinski, johnny depp, joni mitchell, julianne moore, kate walsh, katharine hepburn, katie finneran, kevin spacey, kristin scott thomas, labyrinth, laura linney, leo/piper, life of david gale, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, little miss sunshine, liz/jack, lost in translation, luke/lorelai, mathew perry, melora hardin, michael keaton, michael/jan, michelle yeoh, milo ventimiglia, mulder/scully, music, musicals, nightmare before christmas, peter petrelli, peter's friends, pink floyd, pride and prejudice, private practice, pushing daisies, rainn wilson, robert chase, robert downey jr, robert sean leonard, rocky horror picture show, rupert grint, secretary, sense and sensibility, sheryl crow, singing, snape, sofia coppola, soundtracks, spencer tracy, stephen fry, steve carell, terry gilliam, the addams family, the beatles, the blues brothers, the breakfast club, the commitments, the fabulous baker boys, the hours, the mayfair witches, the mists of avalon, the nanny, the office, the philadelphia story, the rolling stones, tim burton, tina fey, tony stark/pepper potts, true blood, ugly betty, viggo mortensen, violet/pete, virginia woolf, wicked, wolverine/phoenix, wonderfalls, x-files